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Hoping for the Luck of the Chuck

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So, inspired by my fellow blogger and shutterbug Chuck Miller, I am trying my hand at entering my photography in competitions.

This past weekend I submitted my work to the Schuylerville Garden Club Flower Show’s photography competition, and the Saratoga County Fair.

The Garden Club got this one, which Elsie snapped a few weeks ago in Waterford.


This one, which I captured with my phone (sorry, Elsie) last fall, is entered at the Fair.


The latter was cropped a bit for entry purposes, since I’m too cheap to pay for custom matting, but it’s still quite striking. I am inordinately proud of it, although it was totally Mother Nature’s doing, not any mad photography skillz on my part.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: No ribbons for either one. I wasn’t really expecting one from the Garden Club (floral closeups are a dime a dozen), but was disappointed that my fair entry didn’t score any silk. Come on, isn’t it f***ing GORGEOUS?

Elsie and I will keep trying. It’s not the prize money I’m after (Spa County Fair pays a piddling $4 for first prize, and the Garden Club paid zip), just the opportunity to call myself an award-winning photographer.


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