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Zooming in on blooms

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One of my favorite things to photograph is close-ups of nature, especially flowers. Yes, I know it’s cliche, but things become cliches for a reason. In the case of flower close-ups, the reason is they’re beautiful.

If you like shooting flowers as much as I do, consider joining me in entering the photo contest being organized by the Schuylerville Garden Club in connection with its flower show in July. It’s free to enter, and prizes are awarded by a people’s choice vote. There are three categories: skyscapes, garden fauna and yes, close-ups of flowers. Click here to download the rules and entry form.

This is one of my possible entries. Elsie and I took it at the riverfront in Waterford a few weeks ago while Pokingbrook Morris was dancing there. She chose a shutter speed of 1/60 and f5.5. Of course, even a Little Canon That Could can’t capture the lovely fragrance of lilacs.

What do you think? Competition worthy?


One thought on “Zooming in on blooms

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