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Dear Elsie … I’m so sorry

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I have been neglecting you, my dear little 4-megapixel, bought-for-$20-at-a-garage-sale Canon Powershot. Please allow me to explain.

Two years ago, I took the plunge and acquired an iPhone. What does it got that you ain’t got, you ask? Only two things — the ability to shoot videos longer than three minutes, and (this is the big one) to post my photos/videos instantly to Facebook — no need to plug into a computer, download and upload.

I’m afraid I got addicted to those two functions and left you behind.

There’s still so much that you can do that the iPhone can’t. You can shoot in continuous drive mode — very handy for photographing morris dancers. You have a macro setting, portrait mode and assorted manual and semi-manual options.

If I get a great shot with the iPhone, it’s purely by accident. This one, for example. Ma Nature was kind enough, last fall, to stage this incredible photo op for me.


Gorgeous, isn’t it? But that’s my one gorgeous iPhone shot. All the other great shots I’ve taken have been with you.

I brought you out for May Day and captured some marvelous images of the morris dancers, which I will share in a later post. Thank you for continuing to function despite the two years of neglect.

Also, I hope you don’t feel bad if I add some non-photography posts to this blog. I have been thinking about expanding the content to other areas, such as politics, philosophy and dance (I took up ballet since we were together last).

But your name is on it, and photography will continue to be a key component.

I may still do the live posting thing with the phone from time to time, but when it comes to photography, you are still my first love.

Sincerely, me


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