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Because the Internet can’t have too many cat pictures


Meet Toshi. She is the newest addition to my household, and as anyone with a new family member does, I’m taking lots of pictures of her. This is my favorite so far.

Elsie has a nifty setting that I haven’t seen on newer Canon point-and-shoots: “Kids and Pets.” It’s designed to capture subjects that move unpredictably. Although she appears statue-still here, I wouldn’t have caught this pose without that setting and Elsie’s continuous shooting mode.

Shutter speed: 1/50. Aperture: f5.5. Cute factor: cranked up to 11.


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Bringing down the house, continued

As promised, I took more shots of the house that’s being taken down, using different settings, and while they all look good, Elsie made some diverse choices.

This was shot in aperture priority mode:housedown2

I set the aperture at f4.0, and Elsie chose a shutter speed of 1/318.

This is shutter priority mode:


Shutter speed 1/807, f2.6. Result: some washed-out color.

And this was Elsie’s landscape mode:


Shutter speed 1/50, f4.0. This might be my favorite because of the color definition. What do you think?

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Bringing down the house


An old house on the property where I live is in the process of being demolished. I found it an intriguing subject because of the variation in colors and textures of both the wood and the related paraphernalia — ladder, tarp, scaffolding — as well as the interplay of light and shadow.

I shot this at midday on auto, and Elsie chose a shutter speed of 1/200 and an f-stop of f4.0. In the coming days, I plan to experiment with shooting this same subject at different times of day and with different settings.